Anthony W. Pahl


The Wall is like an Oak tree,
solid, stout and very alive.
Once planted it became a symbol
towards which we all should strive.
It stands through all the seasons,
Winter, summer, spring and fall
and the life within its solidness
reminds us of the life within us all.

The Wall cannot be taken,
no matter how we try.
For the Wall is like that Oak Tree,
only neglect will make it die.
And if we approach that granite
with the view to overwhelm,
the solidness of its honesty
will reject us and repel.

With reverence and with awe,
with hope and with some fear,
The Wall is there for us to touch
and to soak up every tear.
It is not there to be defeated,
or to be overcome;
it is there to show and teach us
the truth that we have won.