Anthony W. Pahl


To change a country boy’s heart to stone requires more than man can ever devise. Through war or hate, flood or drought, famine or disease – through all, a country boy’s heart will always survive. But nothing can change a country boy’s heart to stone, and does.

That’s all it takes – nothing! No care, no thought, no love! No patience, no communication, no forgiveness! No understanding and no acceptance! These are the nothings that change not only a country boy’s heart to stone, but also the heart of a nation.

And nothing serves the sadness of a sad and vulnerable mind.
Nothing creates the loneliness of friends left long behind.
Nothing takes the place of love that no longer binds.
Nothing holds together the hearts of those denied.

Some Say…

To do nothing is sometimes the greatest gift to give.
To give nothing is, sometimes, a much better way to live.
If nothing done is always done with caring, open hearts,
then nothing done with love can heal the broken parts.

But I say…

Do nothing and the world will die while we are still alive.
Do nothing and the who-we-are will cease and not survive.
Do nothing and the human race will die without a thought.
Do nothing and the price we’ve paid will have been paid for nought.

Nothing has the power that will change our hearts to stone!
So something in the who-we-are must ensure we’re not alone.
And something in the what-we-say and pass on through our words
must ensure that all the country boys and nations will endure.


If this country boy’s heart was stone, turned to hardened rock
the words from this country boy I read would not be worth a look.
But I feel the pain and hear the cry of this aging country lad
and feel the sadness and heartfelt cry of a heart still soft but sad.