Anthony W. Pahl


You stand erect before our names and remember who we were
Your heart is torn with guilt and your mind is still back there
You grieve for every one of us but have no time for yourself
Your spirit is defeated and your life placed on a shelf.

I see a bitter, angry man who has forgotten how to live
I see the only lesson learned is that of how to grieve.
I feel the anguish and the pain that should have long been gone
because my death was not just for you to hold on to and own.

Can’t you see the reflection of your face between our names?
For if you can then you’re alive and must live despite the pain.
I didn’t die and you didn’t live for two lives to be no more.
You survived to pass the legacy to protect our sacred shore.

My friend and brother think well of me; I know me you’ll not forget.
My friend and brother heed my words; don’t live with this regret.
I am gone because I fought a war and in war there’s just one fact.
The value of our sacrifice is defined by those who made it back.