Anthony W. Pahl


My eyes have a problem;
they won’t stop leaking
My brain needs quiet time;
it won’t stop thinking
My hands need work to do;
they won’t stop shaking
My knees need braces;
they won’t stop knocking
My skin needs calamine;
it won’t stop itching
My heart needs binding;
it won’t stop breaking
I need sleep;
but I can’t stop dreaming

Other than that
and the fact
that I came back
all is well
in this hell.
Can’t you tell?

In the night
and in the day
why can’t my dreams
just go away?

I see his body
but not his face
and still he sees
my disgrace.

I scream out loud.
I scream inside.
Where from this hell
can I hide?

Let me sleep
Let me doze
Let for a minute
my eyes close.

Hold my hand
while I shake
Not too close
Your heart I’ll break

Step boldly,
talk loudly
as you near
so I hear

Hide the bombs
Hide them good
If I find them
dead and good

I cry…
cry why?
why cry?
cry or die…
die and cry!

My eyes have stopped leaking
My brain has stopped thinking
My hands have stopped shaking
My knees have stopped knocking
My skin has stopped itching
My heart has stopped breaking
I’ve stopped dreaming

Is it over?