Anthony W. Pahl


G’day sunshine, how are you?
Sorry, haven’ written for a while
We been out in the bush chasing’ VC
musta walked a hundred mile

We set out ‘bout a week ago
the choppers put us in
but wouldn’t you know our bluddy luck
Intel stuffed it up again

Just as the’ chopper touched down
all hell just broke on loose.
Shit, Charlie was there jus’ waiting
to cook our bluddy goose

Well, the pilot got the chopper
to do things it weren’t mean to do
an’ the gunners let old’ charlie have it
so we got out of that stew

Nothing’ much else happened
we were inserted someplace else
an’ we did our job counting’ noggies
an’ jus’ looking’ after ourselves.

Well sunshine, ain’t much more to say
‘ceptin I wish I was back home
I’m doing OK but I’m tired
Jeez – I bet the kids’ve grown.

Ciao for now old sunshine
Won’t be long before I’m back
Look after Mum ‘n’ Dad ya wanka

Lots of love,
your brother,

Submitted for the August 2002 IWVPA Club Theme Project, “Sunshine