Anthony W. Pahl

(A line from the unpublished poem “The Wind and the War” by Lou J. Klaiber)

I hear it and in a sense, feel as though I’m still doing dust-offs…
perhaps for my own wounded soul;
perhaps in the face of unrelenting words of the poetry
that is fired in my direction
by the beings whose eyes show nothing
of the gaping wounds in their hearts.

Silence lost to the noise of war…?

That silence has not been recovered…
and I just don’t know where to look!

This palette knife oil painting depicts a Huey gunship attacking an enemy target with rockets. The low light level, typical of sunrise or sunset, is probably at sunset, where some enemy activity has been detected. The enemy would come out of hiding in the evening and attempt to conduct their operations, movements and attacks as late into the night as possible. Such encounters with the enemy at the dawn of the day were more unusual. Ben Kennedy Studios

This poem inspired the response, “Senseless Sound” ©Copyright March 11, 2004 by Charles J. Ingerson