Anthony W. Pahl

Or Just Whose Side is the “Head Deity in Command” On, Anyway?

Those were the days – I remember them well.
War was real bad – you can probably tell!
The Marines slept in mud – the Army on roads,
The Navy in swimming pools – the Air Force, on clouds

HDIC once said – “Let there be mud!”
and the Marines came forth – to sleep in that crud.
He then said, “Let’s have roads – to move really fast!”
and the Army said, “Thanks God – bedrooms at last!”
When He said dryly – “Let water abound”
the Navy built ships – so as not to drown.
But when he gave the Air Force – the power of Flight
He declared, “You guys deserve – every God given delight!”

You see, the reason the other services – just don’t make the grade
is that the HDIC is retired Air Force – and so we’ve got it made!