Anthony W. Pahl


I remember the death of President Kennedy
I was 14
and was sitting in my father’s car
with my brother and sisters
listening to the radio
while waiting for my dad to finish visiting
one of his workmates in Adelaide.
I jumped out of the car and cried.

I was in Vietnam when man landed on the moon in July of 1969.
I clearly remember the words
“The Eagle has landed”
when the lunar-module landed,
but I never heard Neil Armstrong’s words
“One small step for man; a giant leap for mankind.”
until the next day
because we were called out for a dust-off
to pick up dead and wounded Australians from a mine field

I was working on my web site,
adding some Vietnam Poems
near midnight here in Australia
when a friend buzzed me on the Instant messenger
with the alarm to quickly turn on the television.
I saw the live broadcast of the second plane
flying into the second World Trade Centre Tower.

I will not forget!