Anthony W. Pahl


The Pahl Family ~ 1972
The Pahl Family ~ 1972
I went away a long time ago
Then I came home.
I was a different person;
Someone even I didn’t know.

The time I was away still drags me back
Seems like I keep falling through the crack
in the space of time where nothing exists
except death.
And I am lost.

Faces I see are changed
to faces of those who remind me
of the people I knew before I left.
I cannot forget

And the thunder clouds in my heart
for a while
and the sun is apparently there
in the smiles
of those who care;
but the barbed wire embrace
of those with the pleas in their
snare and wound me

And I awaken with screams in my head
and heart
and start
to remember my homecoming

The one she loved is here
but she knows he is there
She accepts the dare
to care.
His body is home
Where is his mind?

I am home
Where is my mind?

Submitted for the May 2001 IWVPA Club Theme Project, “Coming Home