Anthony W. Pahl


He drifts through my mind as a feather on a breeze
Exciting my senses to recognise all that I need
To express, with clear actions, the course of my life
And to navigate safely through the doubts and the strife
That cocooned my existence before we e’r met.
He taught me to live without need to forget;
To live life with candour, to die void of regret.

His passing created a hole in my heart
But really and truly, we’re never apart;
I see him so clearly in my heart and my mind:
A wise, gentle advisor, and warrior sublime.
I vividly see him – and the picture is grand
As he soars on the thermals of red valleys and sand
Guiding my heart and tending his belov’d land!

Author’s Note: A remembrance: the 5th anniversary of the death of my friend, Grey Eagle, on October 26, 2002