Anthony W. Pahl


I’m only a middle-aged codger who has a propensity for making mountains out molehills, and have the unfortunate tendency to site those molehills on the highest mountains that You have supplied in the area. Could You do me a favour and take some of those molehills out of my line of site, or hide them a bit better, because I am really getting into a bit of a muddle inside myself at the moment and I’m a bit lost.

I’ve had a look back over my shoulder and can see where You have carried me and I really appreciate and thank You for that, but it seems I still get lost when I forget that You’re holding my hand.

Your Son is a pretty good bloke and I really enjoy His company too, but sometimes when I need a shoulder to cry on, it seems that my tears kind of block Him from view. Of course that could be my pig-headed response to things that hurt me, and that not only blocks Him from my mind, but my heart as well. I think you’d agree that’s pretty slack of me but being the insightful bloke You are, You know that I’m a mere mortal.

You remember the incident in Vietnam where the mother and baby were murdered? Well, that’s been causing me a bit of a problem recently. I wonder if somehow, you could give a bit of an indication that I’m not mad and am doing OK – I’d really appreciate it because I’m really lost at the moment. It’s gone from bad to worse over the last week or so but I guess that because it’s out in the open now, more people will get to know about it and their responses will reflect back onto me whether I like it or not. Would You give me a hand to not react too drastically, and a bit of help to understand where they’re coming from?

And the business about that post from that bloke who was talking about “wannabees” that my friend deleted – I still reckon it directed at me but I want to forget about it and just pray that I’m left in a bit of peace. You know what I’m like – if someone has a go at me, I get all messed up and start doubting myself.

I know I’m asking a lot at the moment, but I have a lot to ask. If You can see Your way clear to help me a bit, or even better, help me to help myself, I’d really appreciate it – and so would those who love me.

I love you God, and I love your Son
Would you help me in His name?

Thanks and best regards