Anthony W. Pahl


Here I am
sitting back
working on some photos for addition
to the Revetment.

When all of a sudden:

art falls from the sky and catches my eye,
says all the things that make me want to cry.
Heals all the rifts
in the timeless shifts
of the vast sands of the deserts of loneliness;
waking the soul;
voiding the spirit of emptiness;
creating a sense of togetherness.

Can we relate?
It surely is fate
that brings us together after such a period of hate.
To reach for the hand
that helps us to stand
is the Unspoken Code of Warriors Grand.

And when we each falter,
(and that we can’t alter)
a look in the eye is reason to survive
for that glance that is there
is so we can be aware
that the steadfastness of friendship
will always be there.

Take heart and take heed
of our friendships seed
and all will be right
with each other in sight.
In our heart and our soul,
we come in from the cold
to the warmth of the hearth
of brotherhood’s glow.

I love you my brothers!