Anthony W. Pahl


The night is safe with friends on watch
as in our dreams for peace we search.
We can safely rest our weary heads
As God’s angels hover above our beds.

It’s Peace our friends would want for all
especially as we often fall.
In God’s loving bosom they reside;
Guarding closely so we survive.

Our friends,
Our friends you are near us still.
Ease our minds; fortify our wills.
The sorrow of your death on earth
Must give to all a sense of worth.

We must survive to recall your deaths
lest the careless of this world forget
youth both sacrificed and slain
with nothing remembered and nothing gained.

This terrible legacy is ours to pass
to parents and children of every class.
And when our work on earth is done
please let them God say we have won.

My friends and comrades and fellow Vets
there is something we must not forget.
Our lives and theirs are intertwined.
Without their memory, we are blind.

We will not see beyond our pain,
in our piteous life we’ll have naught to gain
if we feel and act just for ourselves;
we deserve to live a life of hell.