Anthony W. Pahl


Anthony W. Pahl: Fire EatersMy chopper in a holding pattern
watching fighters dropping napalm
waiting for the screamin’ eagles
to finish with their lurid evil
so we can drool our metal spittle
on humans already maimed and crippled.

Arms outstretched in mortal agony;
pain torqued mouths screaming madly.
Silently with Bad Moon Rising
deadening screams of people hiding.
Kneeling supplication misunderstood
metal jackets sculpting blood.

And death’s own spectre in our wake
reaping all the death we make.
Skinless bones grinning bleakly
as we perform with honoured fealty
the work of war our masters need
to fill the coffers of their greed.

And make no bones,
(bad turn of phrase)
greed is what engenders graves;
greed for pride and greed for fame
fuels that holocaust of flame!