Anthony W. Pahl


Words are not enough to express just how I feel
about the care you’ve shown me in these times that seem unreal.
It seems throughout my life, people appear just now and then
who help me to continue on the path of life again.
I’m leaving here confused – my emotions in a storm.
I hope one day I’ll come to know what people call the “norm”.
But the agony of leaving plagues my heart and soul
despite my understanding that I must leave to grow.
I have acquired knowledge and I have acquired hope.
I have acquired many skills to learn – to live – to cope.
It’s not going to be easy perhaps I’ll be back again
but thank you all for helping me to understand my pain.
The written word is really a big part of who I am.
So, this poem is a gift from me – to you – till then.

Author’s Note: Dedicated to ALL the staff of Ward 17, The Psychiatric Ward, Heidelberg Repatriation General Hospital, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia