Anthony W. Pahl


Anthony W. Pahl: Doug 'n' Me
C. Douglas “Doc” Caffey: Biloxi, Mississippi, 2004
There’s a vet from World War Two
Whom I count among the very few
Fair dinkum friends I’ve ever made;
A special bloke of highest grade.

Of all the places we could have met
It was actually on the internet
He’d sent a poem for me to read;
Thus was sown our friendship’s seed.

Our words flew over cyber-space.
We hadn’t yet met face-to-face
but trust and understanding grew
and meet we must, we both knew.

In late June, two thousand four
I decided to knock upon his door.
From wars and countries far apart,
We looked into each other’s heart

We found a union of heart and mind
that helped us leave our pain behind.
Our friendship continues strong and pure
And will, God willing, always endure.

Submitted for the December 2005 IWVPA Club Theme Project, “Fidelity