Anthony W. Pahl


Bernie “Doc” Duff
Bernie “Doc” Duff: Nha Trang – October 2008
I know a man whom I admire;
who navigated war’s quagmire.
He grabbed the reins of destiny
and tiptoed through dark history;

His brush and easel became the tools
that gave his nightmares solid rules
that they no longer hid their form
in the hours before the dawn;
that froze in time when war was felt
thirty years from when he knelt
before the altar of the Gods of War
that existed with the sights he saw.

He returned to face the reality of
the land and people of those Gods
and found a changed and wondrous land
where serenity offered a loving hand.

With purpose to his life renewed
He walked the path with fitted shoes;
and no longer did the blood red dirt
muddy love and compound hurt;
that the legacy of war became
a part of life – and not a stain.
He found goodness, love and trust
that gently washed away war’s rust.

Author’s Note: For my friend, Bernie “Doc” Duff. Happy Birthday mate!