Anthony W. Pahl


IWVPA Double Tap Award for War Poetry: October 9, 2005
Awarded: October 9, 2005
Tracers and flares of fire-fights light up the shadowed night
Of a foreign war-torn land where bushes move in reflected light.
Eyes and ears confirm the sights and sounds of deadly scenes
And jaws set in a rictus of dread, stifle the ability to scream.

The star constellations are alien; where is the Southern Cross?
Without the five stars we know so well, we Anzac boys feel lost.
But despite the awful din of war, we hold the chord of Anzac pride;
We won’t let any fear or dread, dim the mem’ry of those who died.

We are the best of the best that are, and we’ll stand fast until we fall
And though we might wish otherwise, we responded to the call
Neither fear nor fortune seed our hearts; ours is a duty to be done
And the fight for freedom shall never cease until that fight’s been won!

When the sound of war is heard across the killing fields no more
We’ll remain alert and prepared to fight so freedom will endure.
While rallying ‘neath the tattered flag flying proudly in the breeze,
We’ll sing of our Matilda, and watch the sun rise o’er the mallee trees.

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