Anthony W. Pahl


He came into my life with the force of a tempest
He inundated my sense with “Words” laced with “Hope”
and introduced me to Per; in his words “To My Brother.”

Getting to know and understand Toralf was not a “Walk in the Park”
because his “Memories” were of terror and agony:
Terror at the surreal world of “Vampires”
and Agony and the loss of the comrades he called “Winter Phantoms”

He promised, and delivered, a happy “Island of Childhood”
and through it all, I learned that he was, indeed, the “Silent Sentinel”

Toralf was part of my life for less than five months…
He is part of my existence… for eternity.

I will miss his presence…
I shall regret the poems he was unable to write
But I shall always remember his written legacy…
and his life!

Go with God, my friend,
I shall meet you at the gates of Heaven
and we shall know one another.

Author’s Note: In memory of a warrior-pot and friend,Toralf Cod