Anthony W. Pahl

Anthony W. Pahl: Australia Remembers

IWVPA Double Tap Award for War Poetry: November 26, 2006
Awarded: November 26, 2006

In southern skies, the Southern Cross
guides Australian heroes home
from foreign lands around the world;
and creates beating hearts from stone

Mountain, Ghost, and Red gums,
Mulga bush and desert sand,
stand fast in tribute to those men
who bought Freedom for their land

In remembrance, proudly standing,
the flowering gum and wattle tree
salute Aussie sons and daughters
with red and gold – from sea to sea

Gentle breezes murmur through
Spinifex grass and mallee scrub;
brave voices whisper softly and
tell of the land they love

‘Neath flags unfurled, with heavy hearts
Australian Vets remember well
the loyal mateship that was part
of brave Aussie souls that fell

But fire, cyclone, drought, and flood
mark rage all Aussie heroes feel
when their sacrifice and honour
seems forgotten and unreal