Anthony W. Pahl

Anthony W. Pahl: ANZAC
“The Australian and New Zealand Troops have indeed proved themselves worthy Sons of the Empire” George R.L.

The ANZACs remain in our memories
Their ghostly urgings heard in the wind’s sigh
Their soft marching feet sound an echo
To remind us when mateship was high.

It wasn’t the style of his clothes or his status;
not the bricks, stones, or the planks of his hut;
not the holes in his shoes, or worldly assets,
but fortitude from which ANZACs were cut

All Australians and New Zealanders know
Of our forefathers’ untenable fight
A sacrifice not purchased in specie
But with a desire to secure what was right

Author’s Note: As the process of writing “The Nek” developed, it took on a life of its own. “ANZAC”, originally written as an introduction, became a stand-alone poem dedicated to those who made Australia and New Zealand, and Australians and New Zealanders