Anthony W. Pahl, OAM


He writes with words of wisdom that shine like stars at night
and hearkens to the whispers of earth and mankind’s plight.
By questioning and daring, his words seek to explore
the measure of the writer and, too, the writer’s core.

Prolific in his chosen craft, his writings bless the mind
of those who have chanced upon his words, and they often find
that a ghost-smile lights their faces – their hearts pump to a beat
that is natural and clever, and offered as a treat.

His writings include subjects that are varied and sublime:
from history and religion and from politics to crime
(Often stating clearly that those two subjects are the same.)
But regardless of what he writes, he clearly loves the game.

Poems written jointly, we each inspired the other:
he’s always been to me, just like an older brother.
Both Aussie Vietnam Vets, we know the pain of war;
we understand each other and know the things we saw.

And now it’s almost time that we must forever part
but he who remains behind, will ever in his heart,
carry the bond of friendship and of brotherly love
till we’re re-united on the Heroes’ Bridge above.

Submitted for the October 2012 IWVPA Club Theme Project, “Colin F. Jones ~ Wordsmith And Friend