Bob Pacey

Bob Pacey

Bob was born in Rockhampton in 1951; a fifth generation Australian whose family came to Central Queensland with the Archer Brothers in 1856 and successfully ran “Windmere” dairy on Nine Mile Road, Rockhampton for many years.

Bob has spent all his working life in the Central Queensland area for many years with Denham Bros Ltd as Retail Supermarket Manager. Bob is currently employed at
Coolwaters Holiday Village where he is also their resident Poet.

He started writing poetry in 1998, and eventually started doing recitals in 2004. Bobs poems have not only been published in local newspapers but also on ABC and commercial radio stations.


I sit here staring at the ocean
As it rolls upon the beach.
The waves they rumble slightly
As up on to the sand they reach.

My mind it drifts as here I sit
To the shores of that bloodied bay.
Where Australia’s finest young men
Lay slaughtered in the spray.

To those beaches of Gallipoli
Where through sweat and tears and blood:
They charged the Turks defences
In an unrelenting flood.

Young men from every state and territory
Prepared to give their lives, their all.
To defend the right of freedom
They answered our nations call.

‘Twas there the legend first was born
As they wallowed in the mire.
Mateships forged that would endure
And outstanding courage under fire.

The landing there at Suvla Bay
Saw young bodies ripped and torn:
But out of that horrible carnage
The ANZAC legend then was born.

Twenty thousand of Australia’s sons
Charged through blood and fire and water:
But Johnny Turk was primed and ready
As they gave and asked no quarter.

Their feats will never be forgotten
As we honour them each year.
Thanks them for their sacrifice
As we quietly shed a tear.

There are those who would discard it;
They say it glorifies all war.
But they gave their lives for freedom
Their sacrifice we can’t ignore.

So to those who would not honour them
and have us cast their feats aside.
You will not break our ANZAC spirit.
It is a badge we will always wear with pride.

“Lest We Forget”