Joan Pace


Lonely soldier of the day
Fighting hard for a better way.
To protect and serve
is his main call.
When in doubt he gives his all.

So walk proud and stay free,
He has fought for you and me.
We owe him more
Than we can ever pay
For our Freedom of today.

The bravest men we will ever know,
Into battle he must go.
Some have dies to keep us free.
His mom he will no longer see.
He did it all for you and me.

He deserves our love,
And so much more
One day Heaven will open it’s door.
Our Master will look upon him and say,
“You gave your all, step right this way.”

He belongs among the very best,
For he has surely passed the test.
We owe him more than
We can ever repay
For what he did in just one day.