Shelby J. Orten

Shelby lives in Johnson City, Tennessee


Our flag is flying high – what a beauty to behold
it waves o’er the horizon as the Majestic beauty folds.
The red is for the blood that’s been shed to keep our country free,
The white is for the pure hearts that has fought for Liberty.
The blue is for the heart that’s lost someone they hold dear,
the snow that’s melting on the flag reminds us of our tears,
We are a country that is brave but it’s o.k. to cry,
for all our loved ones who fight on foreign land,
on the Ocean and Ground and in the sky.
We will be waiting their return when the war comes to an end.
We will pray for safe returns of our loved ones until then.
The battle scars that they will have in Body and in Mind
are the ones they have received for safety of mankind.
The war is something we could not help but our country won’t back down.
There is sorrows everywhere and spreads to every town.
Our flag is bravely waving and shines proud against the light;
It is a beautiful sight for our loved ones to see, through the long and sleepless nights.
The Soldiers of the USA are brave and standing strong;
While we here in the USA await their coming home,
We all should lift these brave ones high up to the Lord.
and ask for their safe return as we pray in one accord.