Walter Obomsawin


Hello Frenchie, back again? Hey, let’s take a walk
There’s something I’ve got to say to you
so how about we have a little talk.
Times change, we were kids then, I’m not today.
You don’t age. Strange how you stay the same
but you see – I’m getting old and gray.

I love you, guy, but it’s time for you to go.
These midnight visits have got to stop.
Truth is, you’re driving me nuts you know.

Go visit some other Brothers for a while Frenchie.
Try hanging on their bedroom ceilings,
stare at them with that charmin’ smile.

Wait up kiddo, there is something you might tell before you split.
Have you seen any V.C. in Heaven?
Or are they all in my hell?

Author’s Note: Written for my friend, Jean-Claude “Tiger” Vincent in honour of his friend “Frenchie” who was killed in Vietnam.