Adrien R. Nash


The greatest madness ever known
springs from lies that hate has sown,
and calls by those in holy clothes
to see more lives cut-down in droves.

Tradition, hate, and shining lies
create a faith that justifies
calls to conquer, crush, and kill,
and build a world without free will.

“The Greatest Truth” (-or Greatest Lie?)
demands we all submit or die.
Its fist enslaves with heartless blows.
It’s Sword leaves graves…
in endless rows”.

But those who first apply the sword
will wreak their lives with no reward.
Their guns and bombs and evil schemes
can’t bring to pass their heartless dreams.

A God of Peace… A God of Strife,
A God of Death… A God of Life,
The God our foes believe is real
is one who’d rather wound than heal.

Death is Life
and Darkness Light,
to minds that think that
Wrong is Right,
but hearts that hate will not prevail,
~ against the Free they’re doomed to fail.

we know quite well.
On battlefields as cruel as hell
we faced the guns
and bore the hits,
but did not run
and would not quit.

(We stand as one
and take the heat,
but till we’re done
we don’t retreat).

We’ll never cease to persevere
against the rule of force and fear.
We’ll still resist till our last breath,
all those that choose a path of Death.

We use our power to help to give
those in chains a chance to live
free and safe from evil’s reign,
with hope and peace in place of pain.

With love of Life
and Love for Man,
we’ll guard our Rights
– protect our Land.

We’ll lead the fight
when Freedom calls,
and spread its Light
till “Darkness” falls.

(Freedom’s flame burns bright today
in Fearless hearts that light the way.)

Righteous is the force that fights
for the cause of human rights,
so honor and respect our brave
for all they lost and all they gave.



~ With humble hearts we come to see
the cost to those who kept us free,
and learn the truth that’s only found
in reverence on our hollowed ground ~

Author’s Note: This poem illuminates what terrorism comes from and stands for, versus what we stand for and how we respond to deadly aggression.