Monica L. Murphy


When you step upon their porch, you see a yellow ribbon on their door.
It tells you a family is waiting for a loved one gone to war.
The ribbon won’t come down till their Soldier is safely home.
It’s been there since the day he left nearly seven months ago.

When you walk into their home, you see the table and the wall.
His pictures are everywhere—this soldier proud and tall.
Intermingled with the pictures are flags and lots of poems.
A basket in red, white and blue holds his address and some coins.

On the wall above the table hangs a picture frame.
In it is an article written by a famous name.
She writes of a mother’s hero and includes his mother’s poem
Written just before he left to enter a war zone.

Over his Army picture a guardian angel stands.
Her arms are spread as if to hold him in her hands.
A picture of a saint is also standing by.
Who watches over everything and hears his mother cry.

There’s also a letter written by the same young man.
Sitting in the basket—please read it if you can.
For in the fear of the unknown the letter brings a calm.
He signed it Taking care, Taking God, and Missing Mom.