Monica L. Murphy


IWVPA Double Tap Award for War Poetry: October 13, 2004
Awarded: October 13, 2004
He said, “Mama, brace yourself;
I’ve got something I need to tell.
Seems I’ve been called away again,
This time it’s Afghanistan.

I can’t sit here safe at home;
And let my best friend go alone.
I know you worry night and day;
But with God’s help I’ll be okay.”

She heard the sureness in his voice;
She knew he’d already made his choice.
Her night terrors were bound to appear;
Losing her child was her greatest fear.

He’d already fought in a war;
Could the family take anymore?
A boy had left the first time;
Now a man had made up his mind.

He gave his love to his family;
Said it was right for his country.
And a promise made in a voice so calm;
“I’ll be taking care and taking God.”

Author’s Note: My son and I end our letters to each other with these phrases:

I write: Take care, Take God, Love, Mom
He writes: Taking care, Taking God, Missing Mom