Julia Murphy


I hold in my hand the towers hit by the planes;
Since September 11 we’re not the same.
People died just doing their jobs,
And lots of brave rescue workers were lost.

I hold in my hand our Pentagon;
Where another plane crashed and so many are gone.
I don’t understand so I ask Mommy why;
She just holds me as she starts to cry.

I hold in my hand a brave little plane;
That crashed in a field so people were saved.
I miss my Daddy who lives far away;
But I am too scared to fly on a plane.

I hold in my hand our President;
Who promised to go get all the bad men.
I want him to keep my big brother safe;
And all the Americans who are so brave.

Julia, then aged 10, wrote this in October 2001 for a school district contest. It was featured in Writer’s Digest online in November or December 2001. The theme was “I Hold in My Hand” and her brother, Joshua was off to USMC basic training.

Monica L. Murphy
(Julia’s Mom)
November 19, 2004