Monica L. Murphy


IWVPA Double Tap Award for War Poetry: May 25, 2005
Awarded: May 25, 2005
She woke him up that morning – she had some news to tell;
America had just been attacked – the World Trade Center fell.
He was set to go to basic just three short weeks from then;
She said, “We’ll get you out of this.” Her thoughts only of him.

He said, “I have to go now, Mom.” I promise I’ll be fine;
Now it’s more important – America is mine.”
He had no second thoughts though the future was unclear;
He chose to serve anyway – he didn’t show his fear.

She woke up one morning knowing it was soon;
She tried to track him down but from someone else heard the news.
His unit had received orders – the Middle East was the plan;
She packed her bags and left for Louisiana – driving as fast as she can.

They talked that night for hours about what he was bound to see;
In a mom-crazed moment – she asked, “Why don’t you flee?”
He said, “You raised me better than that so not another word.”
She was proud of the son she loved – he stayed and chose to serve.

He didn’t have to go to the sand dunes on that day;
He could have gone to college or another passage way.
Instead he went to war at the tender age of nineteen;
He left a boy came back a man for all the world to see.

Now there’s a website on the internet that calls him filthy names;
Along with his comrades he is defiled by those false claims.
For it’s the very troops they speak against that gives them the right;
To brandish their own terrorism in the cyber night.

Two different young men in the same country could not be more apart;
One slays the good with his pen, one fights for justice with his heart.
It’s easy to see the classier one is the soldier who speaks not a word.
One chooses to disgrace this land – the other chose to serve.