Monica L. Murphy

Monica L. Murphy

Monica is a single parent with three children, Joshua, Jeremy and Julia.

Joshua served a year in Baghdad with the Army. Monica is so thankful that he made it home and prays he doesn’t have to return before this last year of his enlistment is up because he has wonderful plans to go to film school.

Monica’s younger son, Jeremy, is two years from following his own childhood dream of becoming a Marine, a dream Monica doesn’t like but only because of the inherent dangers although she recognizes and acknowledges it as the most honorable occupation on earth. With an almost perceptible sigh she writes, “Mom’s double standards, I guess.”

She considers her children are and always will be are and always will be her greatest accomplishments in life; her “majors” so to speak. Monica also minors in writing and has written a novel entitled “From War to Wishes” in which a publisher is extremely interested. The book was spawned from her nightly terrors as a soldier’s mom.

Webmaster’s Note: As a closing note on the autobiography that she submitted and which I translated into the 3rd person above, Monica states simply, “I love life.”

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