Annette Morgan

(A Different Kind of War)

IWVPA Club Recognition of Outstanding Non-War Related Writing: February 15, 2007
Awarded: February 15, 2007
Earth our mother who gives us life
Lies naked and exposed,
Raped by black-toed
Yellow monsters with hideous teeth
That bite and cut and scrape and eat
Grass, flowers, trees of our mother’s hair,

Leaving us breathing smoke and
Tasting the ash of fires they light
To erase the evidence
Of land developers’ greed.
And there are no more horses.

Wohali leaves on the morning wind.
The arms of his mother are broken
And his nest within the piles of burning limbs,
Is burnt to blackness.

And so it is with brother fox, brother coyote;
Who can’t come back to the mother
Who once cradled them on the soft breast
A dozer has now sliced off;

And wohali carries no more prayer,
He is gone.
Now our prayers lay in the dirt
To be covered in concrete and steel.
And there are no more horses.