Annette Morgan


Annette Morgan: Dancing Out The Flags
Not all flags are equal
His words leap at me off the page
Saying “why do we need that flag anymore?”
He questions honor; it’s a slap in the face
To those still missing and to those who served.
And his ignorance and his lack of respect
Raises my hackles and makes my heart sore.

Come see the circle blessed with smoke and sage,
Come see the flags for which they fought and died,
Come see them carried by veterans with grace,
Come see them held high with dignity and pride.

Come hear the veterans’ songs, victorious and strong.
Come hear the veterans’ prayer to Creator and God.
Come hear the honor to those who are gone,
Come hear our “thanks” to those who gave their All.

While we dance out the flags of all our lands
Red White and Blue, Eagle Staff, Black and White,
Salute those flags and the hope they hold –
Under those flags we have fought side by side

Defending our countries so you could have leave
To question honor and say the missing are all home.
We will dance out the flags to lessen our grief.
We will dance out the flags, their memories to hold.

Author’s Note: This poem was written after reading the article included on the New Haven Advocate on December 2, 2004, [which included the above photograph with the caption as displayed] written by Mark Oppenheimer entitled “Apocalypse Known” with the byline “Why do we continue to fly the Vietnam POW/MIA flag when all veterans of that war have been accounted for?”