Annette Morgan


Such a simple concept:
Jesus Wept.
Scalding tears,
Betrayal tears,
Tears of compassion
and tears of Love.

Centuries on,
Women wept
and wept
rivers of tears,
veils of tears
distorting, clouding,
changing vision.

Our tears keep us
from burning to the ground
in a heap of ash.
Drink from the river
of tears
that has no end,
and wounds will heal

Blood spilled
of my mother
washed me.
Blood spilled
of the Lamb
washed me,
pure and new

Blood of Warriors,
Rivers of red:
Does it pay
For the sins
Of our Fathers?
Will we have
enough tears
To honor our dead?

Blood and tears
of all before me
carry away
the hurt and pain,
a Sacred Fire
bringing light;
renewing spirit,
renewing life.