Shannon K. Moore


A hero is not just one particular person
It can be anyone you meet or see
They can be from the past, present or future
Someone just like you or me

They stand for all things good and pure
A brave soul without a doubt
The epitome of selfishness
People we wish to know more about

A hero is a firefighter
Who battles treacherous fires everyday
Saving the lives of millions on end
Angles in disguise many would say

A brave and patriotic soldier
Defending his country to the very end
Often risking his own life and future
So that other nations can mend

A devoted and loyal police officer
Trying to rid evil off the streets
Making the world a safer and better place
Such a heroic and dangerous feat

Heroic Civilians from September 11th
Fighting evil that fateful day
Battling terrorists on a passenger plane
Saving lives from the fires in any way

A POW of a raging war
Held in a foreign and desolate place
Tortured and abused against their will
Void of freedom which no one should taste

They are everyday citizens
A best friend one can be
A role model to youngsters
So much more than the eye can see

Heroes are perfections of God
Blessed by heavens sacred rays
However no one asks to be a hero
It just sometimes turns out that way!