Kevin A. Moody


Faithfully Departed, in war
what do the words reveal:
The joyous souls of the victors?
The vanquished souls concealed?
From the beginning of time, evil has placed
the innocent under the knife.
How does one reconcile love
in misery, toil, and strife?
As the blood rushes out the veins
of the fallen champion you know
God’s land and the spoils
for the hero, six feet below.
Faithfully Departed, is the mercy
of God that one seeks.
How do you justify carnage
of the old, tired, and meek?
Faithfully Departed, their souls
mingle as one,
returned to God in Honor.
It is where true love comes from.

Author’s Note: To Whom It May Concern,

It is the word that immortalizes the soul of those sacrificed in war. Democrat or Republican is forgotten in love. My gift is my words full of emotion and Integrity. I pray that these words touch the soul of a veteran who shall know that his emotion does transcend to others in the word – as only you veterans can visualize the fallen champion, you know.