Frank J. Montoya


Cowboys, saddle up! Let’s ride!
Much of our precious stock has gone astray.
We watched them leave complacently,
Never blinked an eye as they slipped away.

We had named them all, if you recall.
There was Honesty, Accord and Harmony.
We let Respect and Commitment wander off,
As for Honor and Duty, where can they be?

Compassion and Courtesy left long ago,
Propriety and Conscience were not far behind.
Modesty and Ethics found an open gate.
They drifted out of sight and soon were out of mind.

Many have fallen prey into Rustler’s hands.
The Entertainment Gang is a malignancy.
They took Decency, Trust and Morality
And renamed them Lust, Deceit and Obscenity.

Their Brands were changed with a running iron,
When Chastity and Virtue jumped a broken fence.
Now they graze with Lewdness and Vulgarity,
As Society looks on… with apathy and indifference.

The Liberal Gang exploits the civil courts;
They use our Bill of Rights as their cattle call.
They have debased Old Glory and Patriotism;
Tradition is slandered and made to seem so small.

The Round-up will be a long and arduous task,
But we must prevail, we must find the way
To bring our missing herd back to the Home Corral,
And never again let our stock of Values go astray.