Frank J. Montoya


Who will we remember,
On Memorial Day, this year?
The list grows longer every day
With names of loved ones lost, no longer here.

Will we remember one of the daring Doughboys,
Who perished in a muddy, gas-filled trench?
One of a hundred thousand who did not return,
We sent him “Over There”, to help the French.

Will we recall our heroes of World War II?
They fought in many lands, in the air, at sea.
Nearly half a million gave up their lives,
To keep us safe and free from tyranny.

Will we remember Korea, “The Forgotten War”,
And the Soldier who died taking Pork Chop Hill:
One of tens of thousands who paid the price,
And one of the many who are missing still.

Will we remember just one special name,
One of those engraved on that cold black wall?
One of over fifty thousand gallant souls,
Who in South Vietnam did bravely fight… and fall.

Will we recall that dreadful, grim September day,
The day the towers fell and thousands died?
The day that terrorism showed its ugly face,
The day that Lady Liberty bowed her head… and cried.

Will we remember those we have lost most recently,
In the Afghan hills, on Middle Eastern sands?
Our troops protect our freedom and our way of life,
As they fight and die in foreign lands.

We will remember them, each and every one,
And we salute them all with heartfelt praise.
We will honor their courage, their pain and sacrifice.
Not just for today, but for all our days.

Author’s Note: For Memorial Day, 2003