Frank J. Montoya


With outrage, shock and disbelief,
We have felt the thrust of the coward’s blow.
We have seen it, but cannot comprehend
How our fellow man could stoop so low

A sneak attack by a nefarious foe,
Who took innocent lives by a vicious deed;
Who had no regard for human life;
Who was willing to die for his cause, his creed.

We have buckled and staggered, racked with pain;
In our hearts we feel the sadness grow.
We have been stricken, and our wounds are deep;
How many thousands lost? We will never know.

We have felt the rage surge in our breast,
And we will find the means to retaliate.
We will put an end to the terror caused
By those whose hearts are so full of hate.

Yes, we hurt, and we cry, for loved ones lost,
As we… we suffer through these trying times,
But Liberty’s Light will not be dimmed,
By those who commit such loathsome crimes.

Listen, World, do you hear our voice?
United we speak out clear and loud.
America’s Spirit and Resolve will forever be:
Strong and proud… unbroken… and unbowed.