Frank J. Montoya


Frank J. Montoya: The PledgeIn 1777, on June Fourteenth,
Our Flag was unfurled for all to see,
And ever since, free men have pledged
Their devotion, their love and loyalty.
“I pledge allegiance to the Flag”,
What is it that these words imply?
“Of the United States of America”
These words cause men to pause and cry.
“And to the Republic for which it stands”
That’s our Country, glorious and grand.
“One Nation, under God, indivisible”:
Those words portray our Beloved Land.
Untold legions of daring men,
Have fought and died at our nation’s call,
To uphold the final words of that solemn vow,
That say: “With Liberty and Justice for all”
Let us all confirm that pledge today,
To show the world that we stand as one.
With heads held high, let’s repeat these words
To insure that Our Colors will never run.