Frank J. Montoya


Each war has produced its Veterans,
And we’ve had names for them, one and all.
We remember them with endearing terms,
Brave souls sent forth to fight… to fall.

First came the intrepid Minuteman,
So long ago… but we recall him still.
Outnumbered, tired, his munitions gone,
Yet he turned the tide at Bunker Hill.

A Rough Rider charged up San Juan Hill;
When asked, he said: “Sir, I will go”,
And a Volunteer was the last to die,
At that fabled Fort we call The Alamo.

The Doughboy served with the AEF,
In the trenches damp and cold.
He was sent to fight for Liberty,
As were the Flying Aces, brave and bold.

No greater service have we ever seen
Such as that of our GI Joe,
Or the Swabbie, the Seabee, the Leatherneck,
The Groundpounder, The Paratrooper,
The Medic, The Airman, and the Commando.
They fought and died throughout the world,
So we could live in peace without grief or woe.

And our female Veterans have made us proud;
The Woman Marine, the WAC, the WAVE,
The SPAR, the WASP, and let us not forget
The Nightingale who many a life did save.

In those actions that we did not call wars,
Such as Korea, Vietnam and the Middle East,
There was gallantry, and there was sacrifice.
The Flyboy, the Gyrene, the Navy Seal,
The Green Beret, the Tunnel Rat,
The Gunner and the Grunt… all paid the price.

A new generation of Veterans will soon emerge,
Who must fight a vastly different kind of war.
To avenge the mindless onslaught within our shores,
They will confront the terrorists, whether near or far.
They will find those who from the shadows strike,
And bring them down, no matter where they are.

Will we find new names for this valiant force –
For the Legions that will answer Freedom’s call?
And yet it matters not what name they bear,
Because like all of them that served before,
The title: “Hero”… will fit them all.