Frank J. Montoya


Who gave us the right to Life and Liberty,
As well as the Pursuit of Happiness?
Who gave us the right to speak our mind,
To say what we think, and nothing less?

Who gave us the right to worship
That which we deem sacred and revere?
And who was it that said it, loud and clear?
We will not be plagued by Want or Fear.

Our Forefathers boldly conceived these rights,
They are part of our Nation’s history;
And for the last two hundred years and more,
and None have possessed more rights than we.

But we must not forget those whose gallantry
Has secured these freedoms we so adore.
Their deeds have ensured our way of life,
So we may enjoy our Liberties evermore.

Were it not for the price they did bravely pay,
Could we congregate at Church or City Hall?
Would we have a choice on Election Day?
Would we be allowed to vote – or to pray – at all?

The Minuteman falling at Lexington
Was the first to sustain our Liberty,
And the Doughboy who lies in Flanders Field
Gave his life in order to keep us free.

On D-Day many a soldier died
So we could have our say with impunity,
And today we can choose where we wish to live
Thanks to a Sailor lost in the Coral Sea.

The Bomber Crew who did not return,
The Marine under siege on a barren hill,
The Patrol that was ambushed on a jungle trail,
Or trapped in snow by winter’s deadly chill.

Those entombed in sunken ships at Pearl;
Prisoners who were starved to skin and bone;
The millions who were called to take up arms,
And the thousands whose fate is still unknown.

They are the ones who have guaranteed
Those freedoms promised so long ago.
To take our rights for granted would be to derogate
The faith and courage they all did show.

We must never abuse, misuse, nor desecrate
These precious treasures we cherish so.
Liberty’s Light has never beamed so bright
And thanks to all who serve… it will forever glow!