Frank J. Montoya


IWVPA Double Tap Award for War Poetry
Awarded: Friday April 30, 2004
Today I listened while the birds did sing
Their annual, lovely Serenade to Spring.
The Lark, the Robin, the Wren, the Dove…
All sang in praise to the season they so truly love.
They chattered and twittered throughout the day,
Comparing Winter havens, so far away.
They sang of balmy nights and rainy days,
How soon the buds would sprout in the Sun’s warm rays.
In the upper woodlands the snow would melt and flow;
And how soon the rich, green grass would grow.

Then the Mountain Goat, the Deer, the Elk and Bear
Would make their happy summer playground there.
I heard a Bluebird say: “If man could only learn,
To live in peace like us. We do not kill or burn!
There is room for all, if we let Nature rule”.
But a Blackbird chirped: “Man has always been a fool.
He has lived for centuries upon this Earth,
Yet he has pillaged and plundered since his day of birth.
What has he gained with his endless wars?
Only grief and pain and so many scars…

Still today he burns and kills in many lands,
For reasons that not one of us understands.
I say let him fight, then he will soon be gone,
And Mother Nature will, once again, have won.”
Then a little gray Sparrow in his high-pitched voice,
Said: “I think man can change, because he has a choice.
He is free to go and to do as his heart desires;
He can live in peace and put out the fires.
Perhaps if he hears our song he will see the light.
Let’s all sing to him daily, at dawn’s first light”.

Yes, the wisdom of the ages was made known to me
By Feathered Friends who sat, perched, on my apple tree.
I listened and learned while those birds did sing
Their annual, soulful Serenade to Spring

Author’s Note: “It’s Spring, again, and birds on the wing again”; at least in the Northern Hemisphere. Happy Spring to all – whenever it comes