Frank J. Montoya


There stands amongst us a man who has faced the foe.
He saw his duty clear and he did bravely go
To protect our freedom in its time of need.
Should we call him hero? We should indeed.

Who is this man that fought to defend our land
In steaming jungles, frozen mountains and burning sand?
He served on ships, in tanks, on land and sea,
In submarines, in airplanes, and in mud… up to his knee.

What were his roots? From whence did he hail?
Through countless missions and battles, never once did he fail.
He came from all walks of life, every creed, every race,
And served with honor, no matter what color his face.

He was a rich man, a poor man, from big cities and farms.
But he had only one purpose when taking up arms.
Our way of life was in peril, so conquer he must;
For in all of our wars, our cause… it was just.

When we think of our Liberty, which we cherish, so dear,
Remember who paid the price so it would always be here.
He left home and hearth proudly, to do his own part,
With love for a Peaceful America deep down in his heart.

So honor to those who served, who fought, were wounded or fell
To the Prisoners of War and those still missing as well.
And honor to our women, who in their own right,
Have served distinctly with courage and spirit so bright.

They are Veterans all, deserving of praise
And also respect for the rest of their days.
True Allegiance they pledged, to their Flag, one by one.
And they were true to their words – our colors never did run.

Let’s salute this Veteran as we would a Flag that’s unfurled,
For he’s the reason Our Country is the best in the world.