Frank J. Montoya


IWVPA Double Tap Award for War Poetry
Awarded: October 22, 2003
Once more they go, to fight on foreign shore,
As they have proudly gone, so many times before.
They go wherever duty calls, as in the past,
To ensure that our Freedoms will forever last.

In the air, at sea, on land, in Iraq or in Afghanistan,
Our Troops will serve with honor – do the best they can.
And terrorism will never destroy the way we live,
Not as long as they have one more life to give.

They join the daring Doughboys who fought the Hun,
In the hedgerows and trenches of World War One;
And our gallant GI Joes, who made the Axis run,
Who struck down the Swastika and the Rising Sun.

They are part and parcel of those who boldly fought
The war in Korea, which was, sadly, soon forgot;
And who served in Vietnam, that most unpopular war,
Who suffered wounds to the spirit that left such an ugly scar.

They seek the same oasis in the desert sand,
As did the Gulf War heroes in that dry, parched land.
Their modern warships sail on the same Seven Seas
As did the PT Boats, the Tin Cans and the LSTs.

In fearless formation, their jets soar through the skies,
As did the Flying Fortresses, the Mustangs and the PBYs,
They march in step with the millions who waved goodbye,
Who left home with this promise: “We will do… or die”.

We call them Veterans when their job is done.
They come back older and wiser when the battle’s won,
With tales to tell of times both good and bad.
Some stories are happy, but oftentimes they’re sad.

Let us give our thanks, today, to them… one and all;
To those here among us, still standing proud and tall;
To the POW’s and to the MIA’s, as well
And to those who went bravely forth… who fought… and fell.

Author’s Note: For Veterans Day, November 11, 2003