Frank J. Montoya


So many times we’ve heard someone say:
“Old Soldiers never die, they just fade away”

For the Soldier is not just an ordinary man;
He’s the kind, when asked, who says: “Of course I can”.

His response is swift when he hears Duty’s call.
And he fulfills his tasks, standing proud and tall.

He represents what America is all about:
He loves his Flag and Freedom, and there is no doubt,

No matter what his age, he would serve again,
And would do the job as he did way back then.

Had he never served would we still be free?
He risked life and limb for Peace and Liberty.

He fought in the trenches in World War One.
He fought in Asia and Europe and made the Axis run.

In Korea he suffered through the bitter, biting cold,
And came back from Vietnam… rejected… tired and old.

He knew full well that Freedom is not free
And his sacrifice was made for you and me.

Today he gallantly serves throughout the world,
To put an end to terrorism, to keep Freedoms’ Flag unfurled.

And now, most days it seems, we must bid a fond farewell
To another Old Soldier who has served his country well.

As he slowly fades away we can hear him say:
“If you need me… call. I’ll not be far away”

There’s no doubt that his Spirit remains behind,
And his memory will be fresh … forever in our mind.

Old Soldiers never die, they just fade away:
But their legacy will live on… forever… and a day.