Frank J. Montoya


Will someone tell the story?
Can anyone recall
The horrors of the First World War,
And the thousands that would fall?

The doughboys in the trenches
That were bombed and shelled and gassed:
Does anyone still live today,
Who can relate what really passed?

And what about the millions,
Who served the second time around?
Their numbers lessen every day,
Soon, even they, will not be found.

Nearly half a million paid the price,
To save the world and make it free.
My friends… do you remember them,
And their sacrifice, for you and me?

Do you remember Korea, the Forgotten War:
Just one of many battles born and bred,
Because of politics and ideologies
That left so many sons and fathers dead.

Have we forgotten those who burned our Flag
And cursed the deeds of men who stood so tall;
Who bravely served and died in South Vietnam;
Their names forever etched on a cold grey wall?

Does our memory still harbor thoughts,
Of conflicts different from the norm:
Somalia, Grenada and Kosovo,
Panama, Bosnia and Desert Storm.

Of the legions called upon to serve,
And were sent to fight on foreign shore…
How many thousands still remain –
Their fate unknown forevermore?

Let us devote today, Memorial Day,
To those who heeded Freedom’s call.
Let us retell the tales… Lest We Forget,
That all gave some, and some gave all.