Frank J. Montoya


Frank J. Montoya: It’s Christmas TimeIt’s Christmas time, Its Christmas time,
The happiest time of the year.
A time to reflect and to recollect
All those precious things that we hold so dear.
A time to deck the halls with holly,
To adorn with wreath and bough and mistletoe.
To trim the tree with tinsel, stars and ornaments
And with colored lights that will brightly glow.
A time for the giving and sharing of gifts and love,
And to show compassion in both word and deed
To family, to friends and to those, as well,
Who are poor and homeless and in dire need.
A time to pray for peace on earth
For trust, respect and good will toward men;
And to pray for loved ones fighting far away,
May they come home safely, once again.
A time for singing carols of faith and joy,
As we rejoice our life here on this earth
And to praise the reason for the season,
For today is the day of Jesus’ birth.