Frank J. Montoya


Since the cowardly attack on our country on September 11th, hundreds of thousands of Flags have been purchased and millions have appeared on buildings, in front yards, on cars, on lapels and every place imaginable. As time goes by, will the fervor to display our Flag continue, or will it dwindle and fade away? The question will surely arise: How long are we expected to fly the Flag?

Here is my answer:

For as long as it takes!

For as long as it takes to tell the world that we shall stand united and in support of our elected leaders until the perpetrators of this horrible atrocity are brought to justice.

For as long as it takes to rid the world of such evil-doers and those that promote their cause and provide them with sanctuary.

For as long as it takes for all would-be terrorists to realize that their actions serve only to fortify our resolve and to strengthen our unity.

For as long as it takes to show the world that we will not be intimidated nor crippled by such barbarity.

For as long as it takes until all Americans, of every race, creed or color are able to enjoy those goals set forth by our founders: The right to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.
For as long as it takes!!